The Benefits Of Spring-Themed Activities For Individuals With I/DD And How To Plan Them

Mar 2, 2023

Spring is often synonymous with new beginnings and fresh perspectives. With the season right around the corner, Independent Living Association (ILA) is embracing this season’s promise of growth and renewal by planning springtime activities for our Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities ( I/DD).

Holiday Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are two occasions that provide excellent opportunities for fun, festive, and creative projects. In our Day Hab programs, Individuals enjoy wonderful arts and crafts activities that enable them to express their creativity in a vibrant way. From sensational shamrocks to colorful Easter bunnies, every project outcome fills our Individuals with pride. Not only do people develop a strong sense of teamwork, they create personal works of art that can be displayed for all to enjoy!

Community Outings

We’ve observed that community outings also provide several benefits to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Those benefits include:

  • Enhancing Individuals’ moods, health, and wellness – being outdoors provides great opportunities for getting fresh air and more Vitamin D!
  • Engaging with fellow community members.
  • Experiencing different routines that breathe new life into everyday schedules.

We  recommend organizing trips to local parks, zoos, or botanical gardens to bring Individuals closer to nature. One of our Individuals even volunteers in a neighborhood flower shop!

You can also take advantage of brighter skies and warmer temperatures by simply planning more outings in general. A fun van ride on a sunny day to Individuals’ favorite destinations can put a smile on anyone’s face!



We give a green thumbs-up to gardening – a relaxing, therapeutic activity that our Individuals have enjoyed for many years. There’s nothing more satisfying than   watching your fruits, vegetables, spices, and plants grow!

At our Garnet Street Residence, Individuals help our staff water and nurture the garden every season. They enjoy being outside and playing an important role in the meals that are prepared – Garnet’s cooking staff uses many of the tasty items that are grown.

If your property has an ample amount of land, we recommend creating an outdoor space where a garden – and your Individuals – can thrive!

Come grow with us! To learn more about our programs and everything we do at ILA (during the spring and every season!), contact us here.

  ILA Garnet Street Garden


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