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Oluwayemisi Omaye

Oluwayemisi Omaye joined ILA’s Lamoka Avenue residence as a cook in 2014 before moving into a Direct Support Professional (DSP) role. A strong rapport with the Individuals there and her experience helping others made Oluwayemisi a natural for the job. “After I arrived in the U.S. from Nigeria, I worked as a home health aide for four years,” Oluwayemisi recalls. “I’ve always liked working with people. I love putting a smile on people’s faces and that’s what I do at Lamoka.”

While working at the residence, Oluwayemisi has been committed to helping Lamoka’s ten Individuals reach their goals- from enhancing their hygiene to strength ening their money management skills. In the community, she accompanies Individuals to recreational activities, such as bowling and movie outings. “Individuals love going out,” Oluwayemisi says. “Everyone has their own unique interests. We help Individuals realize their full potential.”

The nurturing care that Oluwayemisi provides helps to comfort and guide Individuals. She’s by their side during doctor’s appointments, while they’re taking their medication, and is always available to lend a hand as they learn important daily living skills around the residence. Oluwayemisi explains, “I try to be attentive to their needs because I want to see them succeed in their day-to-day activities. I want to make an impact in their lives.”

The key to being successful, she says, is to always be patient, compassionate, and understanding. “When you have that, you can help Individuals improve their skills and meet their goals,” she points out. In addition to being an excellent DSP, Oluwayemisi still enjoys cooking for the Individuals on occasion, much to their delight. Mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese are among some of their favorite foods.

When Oluwayemisi takes a day off, she knows that Individuals will be by the door screaming her name when she returns. It’s an act that warms Oluwayemisi’s heart and is indicative of the deep impact that she is making. “The work that we do is important. We work with people who depend on us to help them live their lives. They want to know that you have their backs no matter what,” Oluwayemisi says. She continues, “The mission of ILA is to provide safe, first-class accommodations to Individuals. As a DSP, you need to give it your best to support that mission so Individuals can become more independent.”

Oluwayemisi is grateful to the Agency, her Lamoka Avenue colleagues, her Supervisor Omaru Kabia, and her Area Coordinator, Faye Bobb-Sampson, for the opportunity to work and grow at ILA. “It makes me happy being among people who are dedicated to keeping Individuals safe and healthy,” Oluwayemisi says.

The feeling is mutual. “As we recently celebrated 50 years of Willowbrook and social change, the journey to shed light and to have employees such as Ms. Oluwayemisi working with the Individuals is priceless. I look forward myself to seeing her on shift when I go to the residence,” Faye says. Working at ILA continues to inspire Oluwayemisi. She’s hoping to attend nursing school so she can make an even bigger impact in the lives of others. With her outstanding commitment and dedication, Oluwayemisi is sure to succeed!

Kudos to Oluwayemisi for her exceptional work at ILA!

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