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Staff Appreciation During the Holidays

Dec 22, 2022

The holidays are a festive time of the year, especially for staff and Individuals at ILA. From creating holiday cards to decorating our residences and day programs, everyone enjoys getting into the spirit of the season.

ILA is a family, and never is that more evident than during the holidays. Many staff work throughout the holidays, helping to ensure a safe, happy celebration for our Individuals. Our employees’  hard work and dedication in providing a warm and loving environment for our residents and day habilitation program participants are ongoing. The holidays provide an ideal time to reiterate to staff how valued and appreciated they truly are.

Ways to Show Appreciation for Direct Support Professionals and Other Team Members

It’s a known fact that simple acts of kindness and gratitude go a long way to keep morale high and boost employee retention. During this holiday season, let your developmental disabilities services professionals know how much they matter! Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Plan a Day of Celebration

Many organizations throw a holiday party or festive get-together for staff. However, it’s not always possible for all employees to attend since some will need to remain on the clock. Instead of hosting a regular luncheon or evening event, consider organizing an all-day celebration so everyone can attend. Ensure schedules are adjusted to accommodate all shifts and provide goodies and treats in equal measure—in other words, no matter what time of day or night people can attend, they shouldn’t miss a thing. Make sure gift cards and other thoughtful giveaways are made available to anyone who is unable to attend your holiday event.

In many cases, individual residences and day programs hold their own celebrations. These events also provide a wonderful opportunity for Management to show their appreciation to staff and Individuals alike.

Get Personal, Be Specific

Words of gratitude are always appreciated. When it comes directly from leadership, it means everything. From heartfelt emails and speeches to personal, hand-written cards,  acknowledging the hard work of your staff is a powerful thing. Be specific, talk about all the ways they went above and beyond, and celebrate their commitment. A little kindness goes a long way during the holidays and always!


From all of us at ILA, we wish you a joyful holiday season. To learn more about how you can support ILA during this season of giving, please reach out to us today!


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