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Meet Fergie and Coulton

Jun 7, 2018

Since February 28, 2018, ILA’s 226th Street residence has been receiving visits from Fergie and Coulton, adorable therapy dogs.

The engagement of the therapeutic service was the brainchild of Lily Smollens, an Individual residing at 226th Street. Residence staff say the new service has been a huge success.

“One of our Individuals said that the therapy dogs help her to relax and to de-stress,” explains 226th Street Residential Supervisor Janet Woolward. “During one of the visits, she was initially in a bad mood, but after petting the dogs, she felt much better.”

Fergie and Coulton currently visit the residence every other week. Janet says they provide “much-needed therapeutic support” and hopes to see the service expand at the Agency. We’re told Fergie and Coulton couldn’t agree more. Many thanks to the dogs’ owner, licensed psychologist Alan Klatt, Ph.D., for helping us to provide this valuable service to our Individuals.

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