In Memoriam: Martin Adams, 1962-2018

On October 4, 2018, staff, individuals, and families honored the memory of Individual Martin (Marty) Adams, who passed away in September after battling a short illness. During a repast at ILA’s 102nd Street Residence, they shared stories and watched a moving video montage offering a wonderful snapshot of Marty’s life.

Marty was a member of the ILA family since 1994, when he moved into the Agency’s West 48th Street Residence in Manhattan. Through the support of staff, he became acclimated to his new home and won many hearts across the Agency. Marty learned daily living skills, demonstrating increased independence around the residence. His sister Kathy Olson said, “While my mother and I were visiting the house, we saw Marty serving himself during dinner.”

Charlie Olson, Kathy’s husband, said Marty’s communication skills also improved at ILA: “He learned a few words and also picked up sign language. Seeing staff spend time with him to learn and expand his capabilities was really wonderful.”

Many of the fondest memories involved Marty’s love of food. “The staff really cared about Marty. They knew his likes and dislikes, especially oatmeal!” said Kathy. Shakeia Thomas, Residence Supervisor, 102nd Street, East 91st Street and Tilden Avenue, recalled, “I remember sitting next to Marty after he had finished eating. He drank his cup of water, then took my juice and drank it too! Marty was a wonderful Individual who will be missed.”

While living at West 48th Street, Marty enjoyed spending time in the backyard, taking community walks, and visiting the local pet store. He also loved summer vacations in Hershey Park and competing in the Special Olympics.

When Individuals moved from West 48th Street to 102nd Street, East 91st Street, and Tilden Avenue in Brooklyn, they maintained the strong bond they formed at the Agency. Alanton was one of several Individuals who attended Marty’s memorial, commenting, “I saw Marty as a father to me. Every time I came home, I used to look for him. I’ll always miss Marty.”

ILA families who knew Marty also expressed their love for him. “When I was looking to place my son in a group home, the first person I met was Marty Adams,” recalled Eileen Nesselt. “Any time I’d visit my son or attend ILA parties, Marty was always there. He was an extended family member.”

Eileen commended staff’s “phenomenal care” in ensuring a loving environment at ILA’s residences. For Kathy and her family, a safe and nurturing home for Marty was vital after he encountered years of substandard care while in institutional settings, including Willowbrook. Kathy and Charlie, both former staff at Willowbrook, who at the time were early and important voices for the need to improve services, noticed a positive change in Marty when he came to ILA. “Many of the negative behaviors he exhibited at Willowbrook quickly went away. He was no longer fearful,” Charlie said.

“Marty was treated very well at ILA for 24 years. He was definitely loved. And I know he felt that love,” Kathy said.

ILA Executive Director Arthur Palevsky said, “Marty touched all of us. Staff adored him. It was a labor of love. May Marty rest in peace.”

ILA Supporters Unite at Annual Fundraiser

On September 20, 2018, ILA friends, donors, vendors, staff, and families gathered at Harbor Links in Port Washington, New York for the Agency’s 12th Annual Golf & Games Tournament. Approximately 100 golfers hit the green, as others took to the Mahjong tables during the fun-filled outing. The event featured a live and silent auction, raffles, musical entertainment, and a lively cocktail hour. All proceeds raised will enhance ILA’s Day Habilitation Programs, which foster increased independence, skill building, and community inclusion for developmentally disabled Individuals.

During the evening reception, ILA honored a participant of its Brooklyn Day Hab Program, Sully E., who has been developing his employment skills at David Shannon Nursery & Florist for the past five years. “Over the last two decades, we have brought people out of sheltered workshops and into the workplace,” explained ILA Executive Director Arthur Palevsky. “Our golf outing enables us to further develop this vital program and help Individuals like Sully thrive in the community.”

ILA Director of Operations Ava Morgan described Sully’s journey, made possible by the support and dedication of his Direct Support Professional, Shernelle Phillips-Proverbs, who was also honored at the event. “During one of Shernelle’s daily walks with Sully, she approached the flower shop’s owner, Joseph Perrotta, and they had a wonderful conversation. Soon after, Sully was hired,” Morgan recalled. “We are very grateful to Joseph for providing this wonderful opportunity, and to Shernelle, for helping Sully gain his independence, integrate into the community, and establish relationships. He is valued by everyone he meets.” Guests then saw a moving video highlighting Sully’s excellent work at the flower shop. It can be viewed at

Mr. Palevsky acknowledged ILA’s golf committee for their months of hard work and planning to make the event a success: Tanya Ginyard, Ava Morgan, Richard Gruber, Ben Soto, Dvorah Martin, Steven Bonici and John DeGroot.

He also thanked Karen Palevsky for organizing another winning Mahjong tournament, and gave a special shout-out to longtime donor John Whitty, Jr., who helped develop ILA’s golf outing 12 years ago. “The event wouldn’t be what it is without you,” Mr. Palevsky said.

Fellow donors had nothing but kind words for ILA and enjoyed the outing tremendously. “The golf course is fantastic,” said John Vallely of Driscoll Foods. “ILA puts on a great event, and Driscoll Foods has been coming every year.”

Joseph Burns, Senior Vice President/Commercial Lending Division Head of Valley National Bank (a golf outing sponsor), remarked, “Doing good for others and seeing how other people benefit warms our heart. This was a beautiful day for a great cause.”

John Gallin & Son, Inc. was also among the event’s generous sponsors. Partner Tom Gallin has attended the golf outing five times. “It’s vital to support organizations like ILA because their services are necessary,” he said. “ILA gives families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are well taken care of in a kind, loving environment. That’s what makes the organization special.”

Thank you to our 2018 golf outing sponsors:


The Bentson Insurance Group

Economic Planning Group, Inc.

GDO Contracting Corporation

P.E. Stone, Inc.

Trooper Foods Inc.


Beacon Therapy Services, PLLC

Durst Organization L.P.

Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.


Allan Briteway Electrical Contractor

Cirocco & Ozzimo Inc.

John Gallin & Son, Inc.


Ace Endico

Crossland Ventilation Inc.

Driscoll Foods

P.E. Stone, Inc.

Valley National Bank


Tower Drugs Pharmacy

Northern Charitable Foundation, Inc.


The Bentson Insurance Group


The Bentson Insurance Group

Tower Drugs Pharmacy


The Whitty Family


Tower Drugs Pharmacy


Tower Drugs Pharmacy

Emerald Document Imaging


Allan Briteway Electrical Contractor

Ampco Tech Electric Corp.

Beacon Therapy Services, PLLC

Briscoe Protective System

Butler Human Services

Cirocco & Ozzimo Inc.

Durst Organization L.P.

Economic Planning Group, Inc.

GDO Contracting Corporation

Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.

John Gallin & Son, Inc.

John Whitty, Jr.

P.E. Stone, Inc.

The Bentson Insurance Group

The Leahy Company, Inc.

Tower Drugs Pharmacy

Trooper Foods, Inc.

Vassallotti Associates Architects, LLP


Ace Endico

Allan Briteway Electrical Contractor

Beacon Therapy Services, PLLC

Briscoe Protective System

Cirocco & Ozzimo Inc.

Crossland Ventilation Inc.

Driscoll Foods

Durst Organization L.P.

Economic Planning Group, Inc.

GDO Contracting Corporation

Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.

John Gallin & Son, Inc.

John Whitty, Jr.

P.E. Stone, Inc.

The Bentson Insurance Group

Trooper Foods Inc.

Valley National Bank


The Balaban Family


Brooklyn Funeral Home & Cremation Service

Ernest and Theresa Califra

Joseph and Rose Marie Dileonardo

G-Net Construction Corp.

Caroline Grant and Nina Howes

HC & Son, LLC, DBA Henry’s Service Center

Dr. Alan P. Hore

Lubin Realty

Kevin and Diane McConnell

Giuseppe and Felicia Milazzo

Moritt, Hock & Hamroff, LLP

The Roth Family

RS & KP Service Station, Inc.

Anthony and Joan Ruopoli

Silver Appliance Center

Bonnie Singer Arfa

Vehicle Tracking Services

John and Virginia Whitty


Where Are They Now: Gaelle Antoine

In “Where Are They Now,” we catch up with former ILA staff who are continuing to make a difference in the lives of others.

Gaelle Antoine has come a long way from when she was a 17-year-old senior at Brooklyn’s John Dewey High School and began interning at ILA. She was a member of the school’s co-op program for students who met their high school requirements before graduation.

“As a co-op student, I alternated between one week of school and one week of work at ILA,” Gaelle recalls. “I had the opportunity to assist any department in need at the Agency.” Her responsibilities included overseeing interdepartmental mail delivery, organizing files, and many other clerical tasks.

When Gaelle entered college, she continued to work part time at ILA as an assistant in Accounts Payable, helping to maintain records of invoices, payments, and other transactions. She also assisted in preparing invoices, purchase orders, and petty cash reports, and helped update the invoice monitoring systems.

Working at ILA enabled Gaelle to “understand the value of communication, teamwork, and most of all responsibility,” she points out. Each is a mark of a great physician—an outstanding career goal she is working toward at The Brooklyn Hospital Center as a fourth-year medical student from St. George’s University School of Medicine.

“My studies have entailed a basic science component to understand the fundamentals of medicine, as well as a clinical component in which I learn to incorporate these fundamental elements into clinical practice,” she explains.

Gaelle is striving for an anesthesiology residency and hopes to pursue two fellowships in critical care medicine and pain management. “Working as the head of a critical care unit in a hospital would be a dream come true,” she says.

As Gaelle reaches for the pinnacle of her profession, ILA remains close to her heart. “ILA has become part of my family. I make it a necessity to visit at least once a year. It feels as if I have never left,” Gaelle says. “The Agency has grown stronger than ever.”

For any intern following in her path at York Street, she advises, “Life is what you make it, so make the most of your time at ILA!”

Direct Support Professionals Honored

ILA recently recognized the work of 16 staff for exceptional service in meeting our Individuals’ needs. In acknowledgment of 2018 Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week, the Agency honored DSPs during a festive luncheon at Mulrooney Manor. ILA’s Human Resources staff and Area Coordinators organized the ceremony.

“As our Agency’s frontline employees, DSPs play a pivotal role in supporting our Individuals,” said ILA’s Director of Human Resources Tisha Jones. “Like many of you here, I started out as a DSP. It helped launch me to where I am now.”

Grateful supervisors who nominated the honorees expressed their appreciation as they presented DSPs with their awards. Among the recipients was Shirley Mack, a DSP at 109 Clinton Avenue who has worked at ILA since 1990. Shirley was recognized by Supervisor Jean Gaillard for her “superb teamwork, knowledge, and care,” as well as her calming disposition, which helps to ease Individuals’ behavioral challenges. Jean noted Shirley’s excellent culinary skills and ability to stay within dietary guidelines while adding a Southern twist to meals. She often hosts barbecues and dinner parties to bring residences together. She also has enhanced Individuals’ laundry skills. “Shirley helps make 109 Clinton a home. When you see progress with an Individual, you know where it came from,” Jean said.

“They are my heart”

Throughout the ceremony, DSPs received praised for assuming multiple roles, covering different shifts, and taking initiative. At Pacific Street, Glenis Johns never hesitates to cook. Individuals love eating the fresh bread she makes from scratch. Glenis is quick to perform a maintenance task when needed. Kim Crumpler, a DSP at East 54th Street, comes to work on her day off to escort Individuals to church. At Albourne Avenue, Richard Kamara is beloved by parents for his wonderful interaction with Individuals and his professional, respectful behavior. Natasha Chapman is a strong advocate for Individuals residing at Carlton Avenue, frequently attending medical appointments and always encouraging Individuals to express their needs.

Willie Mae Palmer, a longtime DSP, offered words of wisdom to rising DSPs at the Agency. “I’ve been here for 32 years. You have to be a team player to do this work,” she pointed out. Although Willie Mae is planning to retire soon, she will still be ready to assist at a moment’s notice. “If Individuals need me, I’m available. I’m right around the corner.”

What makes ILA staff like Willie Mae and Shirley come to work every day for decades? “ILA is a family,” Shirley remarked. “I work in a house with three Individuals and love my guys. Everything I do is for our Individuals.”

Commenting on his award, Maurice Christian, a DSP at 691 Madison Street, said, “I am honored to be recognized by the Agency. It’s wonderful to help Individuals achieve their goals and I will do it any day, every day. They are my heart.”

Executive Director Arthur Palevsky lauded the DSPs’ exemplary ability to remain undaunted by any situation. “I know I am looking at the future leaders of ILA. You are our North Star and our inspiration,” he said.

ILA’s Director of Operations Ava Morgan added, “Looking around this room, my heart fills with pride. You enable us to have a truly successful Agency. Forty years ago, I was a DSP. It’s something that never leaves you. Thank you so much for your contributions and loyalty to ILA.”

                                                          Congratulations to our 2018 DSP honorees!

Natasha Chapman, Carlton Avenue; Maurice Christian, 691 Madison Street; Kimberly Crumpler, East 54th Street;

Charlene Davis-Callendar, Tilden Avenue; Keicha Goldborne, Day Habilitation; Christopher Ifill, Jewett Avenue;

Glenis John, Pacific Street; Richard Kamara, Albourne Avenue; James Lee, Charles Avenue;

Lucille Lobban, New York Avenue; Shirley Mack, 109 Clinton Avenue; Bernice Morrien, Day Habilitation;

Amanda Rafael, Mulrooney Manor; Devona Small, Lucille Avenue; Jack Toussaint, 49 Madison Street;

Vanessa White, 233rd Street

Risk Management Team Creates a Safer Workplace

Every last Wednesday of the month, ILA’s Risk Management Committee gathers at Mulrooney Manor to review new safety information and investigate incidents. Led by Director of Quality Assurance Richard Gruber and Manager of Administrative Services Tanya Dinkins, the committee comprises 12 ILA staff, including Nursing Coordinator Mitzie Cope, Incident Management Coordinator Theresa Kolsin, Compliance Specialist Velma Leacock, Consumer Resource Specialist Andy Lewis, Area Coordinator Donna Lundy, Coordinator of Maintenance Mechanics Billy Reyes, Resource Specialist Ben Soto, Benefits Specialist Laverne Tuzo, Human Resources Manager Amanda Villacis, and Director of Nursing Melody Virtusio.

ILA Executive Director Arthur Palevsky formed the group about ten years ago. Tanya explains, “Arthur started the committee after a devastating fire killed four Individuals at a group home in upstate New York.” Arthur’s goals: to ensure staff and Individuals are safe and to prevent such accidents.

The Risk Management Process

“We review accidents, how they could have been avoided, and recommend operational changes,” Mitzi explains. “We interview the persons involved to get their perspectives and collaborate to resolve the matter.”

Ben adds, “In ensuring that we conduct each investigation professionally to its fullest, we always treat staff respectfully when interviewing them. We make sure they have a strong understanding of the actions that brought them to Risk Management and the correct course to rectify any mistakes.”

Many Risk Management Committee members also serve on a committee that reviews safety practices and investigates safety incidents at our residences. That committee is named Code Rule 60 (CR 60), after a codification of practices contained in New York State Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Its purpose is to achieve greater safety in the workplace. ILA’s CR 60 Committee was formed by Frank De Lucia, ILA’s Deputy Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer, who explains, “During CR 60 investigations, we determine the root causes of incidents and recommend appropriate corrective measures. Findings from all ILA safety reviews go to ILA’s administration, residence supervisors, and nursing staff.”

The scope of CR 60 Committee activities is vast. The Nursing Department creates a safety data log created listing all chemicals used in ILA’s facilities and related precautions. The committee also designed a form for maintenance staff to share with residence supervisors about the time and duration of a house cleaning for staff and Individuals to vacate the premises. Additionally, they developed first aid procedures for all chemical breaches along with emergency contact numbers if someone is affected by a chemical. “Every residence maintains a copy of this manual and staff are trained extensively on how to use it properly,” Tanya says.

Risk Management Prevents Accidents

Scott Glaser, a consultant for Philadelphia Insurance Senior Risk Management, attends every Risk Management meeting to share pertinent claims data. “We partner with our insured companies to share our analysis with the group,” Scott says. “ILA can then control their costs, and Philadelphia Insurance will pay fewer claims.”

ILA has seen a sharp decline in safety incidents in recent years. Mitzi says, “Since staff are required to meet with us to explain incidents, they know what’s at stake, which motivates them to ensure the safest possible environment.”

Richard attributes the decline in automobile incidents to installing driver tracking devices in all Agency vehicles, the latest being GPS. “Monitoring driving is a preventive step that has made drivers more aware of their speed and habits,” he says.

Richard points out the unique safety challenges in operating vehicles in New York. “Parking is at a premium, streets are narrow, and there’s double-parking. Vehicles can get hit. We understand sometimes nothing can be done, but in most cases, our recommendations do prevent accidents,” he says. ILA’s newly leased vehicles are equipped with backup cameras and sensors for added safety.

As for ILA’s CR 60 Committee, Frank proudly reports that its implementation has resulted in a 5% decrease of the Worker’s Compensation premium, and he promises more efforts to attain greater reductions.

“Our committees prevent and correct mishaps,” Ben says. “They help keep us informed about staff’s efforts to maintain a safe environment and reinforce that we’re educating people appropriately to make sure they and our Individuals are safe.”

Arthur Palevsky Appointed to the Board of ACANY

And so it begins. Almost a decade in the making, the field of services for the developmentally disabled is changing from a system of direct payments by New York State to provider agencies into a system in which care is operationally and financially managed by a health insurance-type organization. July 1, 2018 saw the first step in this change. Medicaid Service Coordination performed by provider agencies ceased to exist and was replaced by an improved arrangement known as Care Coordination performed under the auspice of an entity independent of any provider. The purpose of Care Coordination is to improve service delivery for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by developing a life plan that enables families and individuals to have greater choice when selecting a care environment.

The independent entities, of which there are several throughout New York State, are known as Care Coordination Organizations/Health Homes (CCOs/HHs), and are not-for-profits. ILA Executive Director Arthur Palevsky was appointed to the Board of Directors of one of the CCO/HHs, the Advance Care Alliance of New York (ACANY).

ACANY, an association of three provider organizations, was launched to assume an active role in the transition to care coordination and has succeeded to do so. ACANY has enrolled 24,000 Individuals within the lower portion of New York State. ILA Medicaid Service Coordinators are now functioning as Care Managers and will be employed by ACANY before July 1, 2019.

Mr. Palevsky’s work with the ACANY’s Board of Directors will enable ILA to be involved in the State’s full transition to Managed Care, while keeping the Agency in the loop about future developments and ensuring the new system continues to benefit the hundreds of Individuals ILA serves. 

Individual Blooms at Brooklyn Day Hab

For approximately five years, Sully E., a participant in ILA’s Day Hab Without Walls Program in Brooklyn, has developed his employment skills at David Shannon Florist and Nursery in Kensington. He shows up to work each week, assisting with a variety of tasks such as watering plants, transporting floral arrangements, sweeping the floor and making seasonal bouquets for customers.

At the store, Sully has gained independent living skills and increased socialization. He enjoys interacting with staff and the strong camaraderie that exists at the shop. “Owner Joseph Perrotta and his staff have been very welcoming to Sully,” explains Nicole Sawyers, Supervisor, ILA Day Hab Services. “He goes to work like everyone else and he feels like part of the team.”

Sully  has also enhanced his travel training skills. While accompanied by ILA staff, he walks to work from the ILA residence where he lives, successfully navigating streets and saying hello to neighbors on the way.

At work, he takes pride in the festive bouquets he helps to make. His enthusiasm and “can do” attitude is appreciated by his colleagues, especially during holidays. On Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – the two busiest days in the floral industry – Sully received beautiful flowers in recognition of his hard work and dedication. He proudly showed off the bouquets to ILA staff and Individuals.

Sully’s continued growth and the success of the Brooklyn Day Hab program would not be possible without Joseph and his wonderful staff and without the kindness and generosity of ILA’s donors. Proceeds from last year’s 11th Annual Golf and Games Tournament will help to further enhance the program. “Support for our Day Hab program is vital, so Individuals like Sully can continue to acquire the necessary skills to thrive in the community,” Nicole says.

To learn more about ILA’s Day Habilitation Programs, visit For information on how to support ILA programs at this year’s golf outing, visit the event registration page at



Meet Fergie and Coulton

Since February 28, 2018, ILA’s 226th Street residence has been receiving visits from Fergie and Coulton, adorable therapy dogs.

The engagement of the therapeutic service was the brainchild of Lily Smollens, an Individual residing at 226th Street. Residence staff say the new service has been a huge success.

“One of our Individuals said that the therapy dogs help her to relax and to de-stress,” explains 226th Street Residential Supervisor Janet Woolward. “During one of the visits, she was initially in a bad mood, but after petting the dogs, she felt much better.”

Fergie and Coulton currently visit the residence every other week. Janet says they provide “much-needed therapeutic support” and hopes to see the service expand at the Agency. We’re told Fergie and Coulton couldn’t agree more. Many thanks to the dogs’ owner, licensed psychologist Alan Klatt, Ph.D., for helping us to provide this valuable service to our Individuals.

Three New Places to Call Home

ILA recently relocated Individuals from our West 48th Street residence to three new homes in Brooklyn: Tilden Avenue, East 102nd Street and East 91st Street.

“Six of the ten Individuals had been living at West 48th Street since the Manhattan residence opened in 1993, making the move particularly significant,” says ILA Area Coordinator Jonelle Best. “Thanks to our incredible staff and a few sleepless nights, we all worked together to make the moves as seamless as possible.”

The Individuals of West 48th Street and Supervisor Shakeia Thomas meticulously selected the perfect themes and colors for Individuals’ bedrooms, while Clinical Direct Care Counselor Nadia Nermorin successfully transferred Individuals’ medications and oversaw the transition to Brooklyn-based clinical appointments.

Individuals’ families were part of the move every step of the way, and also played a role in the selection of the new houses. “Families were given a tour of each of the homes and they loved what they saw,” Jonelle explains.

Two of the homes are ranch-style and contain state-of-the art kitchens, large living and dining areas and beautiful backyards. The East 91st Street residence has a large basement with a rec room for the house’s four Individuals to enjoy. Tilden Avenue is a duplex apartment in which two Individuals reside. Four people each call East 102nd and East 91st Streets home – a great accomplishment, particularly for the Individuals who have attained their goal of having their own bedroom.

So how has the transition been for the ten Individuals? “So far so good,” Jonelle says. “Incidents of challenging behaviors have been infrequent.”

To ease the acclimation process and the adjustment of Individuals living apart from their former West 48th Street housemates, ILA staff regularly organize common dinners and social outings so the new houses can integrate. “The deep family connection is still there,” Jonelle points out.

To familiarize Individuals with their new communities, ILA staff accompany them on recreational outings. “From local stores to parks and museums, the Individuals are getting to know Brooklyn well; some also attend day programs in Brooklyn,” Jonelle says. Jonathan, an Individual from Tilden Avenue, particularly enjoys riding the subway. “He takes beautiful pictures of train signs that he posts on Facebook,” Jonelle explains.

Jonathan’s housemate, Alanton, enjoys having his own room with a walk-in closet, riding his bike in the neighborhood, and the independent living he has been able to achieve at ILA. He’s currently working two jobs to provide for his two-year-old daughter. Alanton recently won visitation rights, enabling his daughter to visit him every other weekend. ILA has also linked Alanton to parenting classes, first aid workshops and other courses so he can receive the continued support he needs to be a successful parent.

Watching Alanton and other Individuals thrive in their new homes puts a smile on staff’s faces. “Our goal is to provide top-notch care for our guys. They are the reason why we are here,” Jonelle says. “We’re thrilled to see them happy in their surroundings.”

ILA Wins Orion Fleet Intelligence Excellence in Fleet Safety Award!

Congratulations to
Independent Living Association, Inc.
on being awarded the
Orion Fleet Intelligence
EXCELLENCE in Fleet Safety Award for 2017!

In recognition of ILA’s continued commitment to fleet safety, ILA has been presented with the 2017 Orion Fleet Intelligence Excellence in Fleet Safety Award.

Orion Fleet Intelligence, the leader in products and services to help companies manage the safety and efficiency of their fleet, released its annual Fleet Safety Awards, highlighting organizations that have a measurable and proven track record of providing a safe and secure transportation environment throughout the year.

These awards are presented to organizations that operate commercial auto fleets as part of their business. To be considered, an organization must be deployed with a qualified fleet safety program during the entire calendar year and demonstrate high levels of safety performance relative to industry benchmarks. Fleets are scored based on specific speeding and aggressive driving data weighted by severity and normalized on a per-mile-traveled basis.

Orion’s deployed customers have performed on average 50% better than the industry average this year, a testament to the quality of Orion’s service as well as the importance its customers place on safety.

ILA is proud to be recognized for our hard work and dedication in ensuring a safe and secure transportation environment for ILA’s Individuals and staff. Congratulations to everyone at ILA and many thanks to Orion for this great honor!