Why ILA?

Raising a child with special needs can be challenging for many families. Through exemplary, compassionate care, ILA has become a valuable resource for parents, providing hope and insight, while creating opportunities for their children to gain self-sufficiency and lead bright, fulfilling lives.

“In the past few months, Jesse has blossomed at ILA and is very happy. He has a fantastic team of direct support staff who truly believe in him and have formed great bonds. They take phenomenal care of him. They are always there for us.”-Phyllis and Eddie Pearlmutter, parents of ILA Individual

“ILA has provided our son, Ryan, with a safe, nurturing environment where he continues to grow and develop.”-Diane and Kevin McConnell

“ILA is great because they’re helping people to get through life and become more independent.” – David Montes, Father of ILA Individual

“If you take a tour through our residences, it becomes clear that our Individuals are in good hands. Our staff are hard-working and committed to providing the best care possible. They advocate for our Individuals and always make sure that they are kept safe.” -Arthur Palevsky, ILA Executive Director

“Individuals are happy and comfortable in their homes. Bedrooms and living areas are nicely customized and decorated to fit each person’s interests and styles. I’m proud to be a board member of such an amazing organization.”Lola Simpson, ILA Board Member

Meet Anne Marie

Since moving into her ILA home 13 years ago, Anne Marie Whitty has blossomed into an independent young woman. She has learned several daily living skills while assisting with various tasks at the residence. She makes her bed on her own each morning and consistently maintains a neat and tidy room.

When she’s out in the community, Anne Marie enjoys going to the movies and shopping at the mall with her housemates, who have become like family. She treasures the friendships and bonds that she has formed at ILA, including her relationships with staff. Jennifer, a Direct Support Professional at the residence, has been particularly influential.

“She has taught me how to speak up for myself and that it’s okay to ask for help if I need it,” Anne Marie explains. “I’ve become so independent here that sometimes I forget what it is to ask for help. Thanks to ILA, I’ve grown a lot.”