Residential Services

ILA operates more than 35 group homes (Individualized Residential Alternatives, also known as IRAs) across New York City, providing safe, nurturing environments where Individuals live, love and learn. Our outstanding team of direct support professionals and medical personnel provide supervised care around the clock, helping Individuals achieve skill-building and community integration so they live bright, fulfilling lives.

All of our houses are designed with a personal touch. ILA staff meet with family members to determine loved ones’ tastes and interests before moving into the residence. Family members also receive a tour of our homes, which are comprised of well-appointed kitchens, dining facilities, bedrooms and recreational areas. ILA’s 24/7 maintenance staff and professional landscapers keep our homes in peak condition at all times.

Safety is top priority at ILA, which is why our residences are equipped with an extensive on-call emergency response system consisting of executive administrators, physicians, nurses and maintenance staff. On-call personnel are available to residents who do not require round-the-clock care.

For more information on ILA’s Residential Services, please call Jonelle Best at 718-852-2000.