Over 25 individually crafted programs

Residential Services

ILA operates group home living with the purpose of creating safe, home-inspired environments that offer developmental opportunities for each Individual.

All of our houses are designed to complement the surrounding community. When entering our residences, you will find a well-appointed kitchen, dining facilities, bedrooms and recreational areas. Our round-the-clock maintenance staff and professional landscapers keep our homes in peak condition.

ILA homes afford Individuals the opportunity to realize a normal home and community life. To accomplish this goal, we staff our residences with highly qualified direct-care personnel. Most residents are provided with round-the-clock care, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, which includes an extensive on-call emergency response system consisting of executive administrators, physicians, nurses and maintenance staff. On-call personnel are available to those residents who do not require round-the-clock care.

At every residence you will find a top-notch team of professionals that includes a program supervisor, assistant supervisor, service coordinator, nurse, psychologist and other specialists. Our staff fully collaborates to successfully develop and monitor activities that result in the achievement of valued outcomes, so that Individuals will assimilate into community life.

Each of ILA's Group homes is an Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs). Each IRA provides customized residential opportunities for Individuals whose unique abilities and challenges require greater flexibility. Our management team and Medicaid service coordinators work closely with program participants to ensure that their home environment is well-kept and that the following services they receive enable them to successfully develop their community-living skills:
    •    Service coordination
    •    Residential habilitation
    •    Medical supervision
    •    Linkage to all clinical, social, and recreational services