Over 25 individually crafted programs

Medicaid Service Coordination

Navigating under the umbrella of ILA is ILA's Case Management Services (ILA CMS). ILA CMS' superior personalized service coordination is designed to walk Individuals and their families through the health care system, which can be confusing and challenging to many.

Our team of service coordinators strives to create a life and service plan focused on helping Individuals achieve valued outcomes based on ILA's key principles: individualization, independence, integration and productivity. Each plan is monitored by specially trained case workers who conduct monthly field visits to ensure that the needs of our Individuals are being met. Our service coordinators provide continued support in the following areas:
    •    Medical services
    •    Social programs
    •    Education
    •    Financial services
    •    Day programs
    •    Residential services
    •    Community access

In assisting Individuals with gaining access to these much-needed services, our service coordinators seek to enable the Individuals to function more independently and to cope with the demands of their environment. This includes:
    •    Intake assessment and screening
    •    Linkage and referral to needed programs
    •    Follow-up and monitoring
    •    Individual program plan development and documentation
    •    Coordination of comprehensive team assessments
    •    Respite and home care coordination
    •    Participant advocacy and crisis intervention
    •    Initiation or reinstatement of Medicaid, Social Security, food stamp, and housing assistance

Our service coordinators assist developmentally disabled Individuals in developing, implementing and monitoring their own plan of services and supports. Service Coordinators are specially trained to know all services available to Individuals and their families and are trained to access those services.

Service Coordination is provided at no cost to developmentally disabled Medicaid recipients. ILA's Medicaid Service Coordination ensures that all services are obtained efficiently and professionally. All applicants must have a valid Medicaid card.