Over 25 individually crafted programs

Courses and Certifications

In addition to training our own staff, ILA offers on and off-site training for staff for other agencies, at reasonable rates. Certified instructors deliver all training programs, flexibly scheduled to accommodate people's needs.

The two types of programs we offer are:
    •    Certificate programs mandated for your professional staff
    •    Customized programs to meet your agency's specific requirements

We offer the following certificate training programs:
American Red Cross Certified Adult and Infant CPR

These courses teach adult and child cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills, respectively. Successful trainees receive a one-year certification from the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross Certified First Aid
This course teaches basic first aid and safety for adults. The trainee will be prepared to care for adults who sustain injuries until medical professionals arrive. Successful trainees will receive an American Red Cross certificate in first aid, valid for three years.

SCIP-R Certification
This program includes restrictive techniques and re-certification training taught by certified instructors. Training is designed to teach people how to:
    •    Safely deal with aggressive individual behavior
    •    Prevent injury to themselves and the individual while implementing interventions
    •    Apply appropriate, nonphysical interventions to calm individuals during outbursts
Annual re-certification is required.

Approved Medication Administration Procedures
Trainees are certified to administer medication to individuals in OMRDD-regulated facilities. This includes an in-depth review of:
    •    Common medications
    •    Common abbreviations of medication
    •    Side effects
    •    Responsibilities of certified staff
    •    Medication measurements
    •    Techniques for evaluating vital signs
Trainees who complete this course must receive three medication pourings supervised by a registered nurse at their facilities.

NTSI-Certified Defensive Driving
This six-hour course teaches safe driving techniques and assesses trainees' driving habits and attitudes. A review of New York State driving laws is provided during the course, which upon completion, can also reduce the costs of agency and personal auto insurance.

*To make training arrangements, please call (718) 852-2000, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or e-mail us.