At ILA, we are proud to go above and beyond


"ILA is great because they're helping people to get through life and become more independent." - David Montes, Father of ILA Resident

"For us, the case worker is part of the family. Any time I need any kind of help, they are there for me."- Laura De Vacca, Mother of ILA Individual

"What I've seen that's so different about Independent Living is something that all of the government funding cannot provide - the compassion, the caring, the sincerity of the staff that treats our residents not just like consumers of special aid or special services but as friends and family members." - Dr. Barbara Kirwin, ILA Board Member

"I'm proud to know that I am helping someone who cannot help himself." - Marcia McIntosh, ILA Nurse/Residence Supervisor

"ILA is an agency that allows for advancement and upward movement." - Stephanie Mays, ILA Area Coordinator

"If you take a tour through our residences, it becomes clear that our Individuals are in good hands. Our staff are hard-working and committed to doing the best they can to enhance the lives of our residents." - Arthur Palevsky, Executive Director

"No matter what an Individual's situation calls for, our staff will do their best to meet that challenge so that the Individual will continue to be able to call ILA home." - Arthur Palevsky, Executive Director

"If ever there needs to be an advocate for one of our Individuals, our staff are right there to do that. They make sure that they are kept safe." - Arthur Palevsky, Executive Director