Arthur Palevsky Appointed to the Board of ACANY

ILA Executive Director Arthur Palevsky has joined the Board of Directors of the Advance Care Alliance of New York (ACANY), a nonprofit Care Coordination/Health Home (CCO/HH) agency launched to ease the transition from Medicaid Service Coordination into Managed Care. The new system, based on a health insurance-type model and funding mechanism, has been five years in the making to improve service delivery for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by giving them and family members greater choice when selecting a care environment.

With more than 40 years working in human services, Mr. Palevsky will be a valuable asset to ACANY. In addition to having strong knowledge of program development and quality assurance, Mr. Palevsky (and ILA) played a critical role in founding the Advance of Greater New York (AGNY), the nonprofit provider association that was launched to begin the transition to Managed Care. AGNY and two provider organizations formed ACANY, covering 24,000 Individuals receiving services. ILA Medicaid Service Coordinators are now functioning as Care Coordinators and will be employed by ACANY before July 1, 2019.

Mr. Palevsky’s work with the ACANY’s Board of Directors will enable ILA to be involved in the State’s full transition to Managed Care, while keeping the Agency in the loop about future developments and ensuring the new system continues to benefit the hundreds of Individuals ILA serves.